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Even as a kid I couldn’t stop following my fingertip crossing the maps. I was studying geography at the University of Warsaw, after that I was living in different countries, and finally setlling in Spain. Meanwhile I worked for several years as a licensed tour leader. For the last few years walking has become an every day routine. I love travelling and walking. I would like to share with you my passion, knowledge and experience of them both. I am running a one man travel agency « WALK ON THE BART SIDE ». I’m planning and organizing trips, and leading groups. Every day on my trips you have the possibility to walk or hike. Most of the tours take place in Spain and France. I am fascinated by both countries and I am offering a chance to visit different regions. I propose to explore many others destinations too.

About Walk On The Bart Side

The WALK ON THE BART SIDE is a one man travel agency. I’m offering and preparing trips, where you can slow down, disconnect and rest. I will take care of all details which will make your trip unique, comfortable and unforgetable.

Wherever we travel the idea is to bring you close to the wonders of NATURE. During my trips you will spend much more time in the country side than in towns. It will be rather like slipping back and away from this modern world. At the same time I want you to discover the cultural values of places. During the CULTURAL VISITS we will discover and try to understand and enjoy all that reflects the skills of our ancestors and what characterizes the region. The history of these people, their art, architecture and beliefs. We will also participate and learn more about local life style and cultural events.

Every day during my trip you have the possibility to walk or hike. I would like you to enjoy walking and hiking in remote areas, where you can have quality time with yourself contemplating in the wilderness. Where you can travel to the thin air of the future or to the underworld of the past. Please find more details in WALKING & HIKING.

My TAILOR MADE TRIPS are all different and unique. Before travelling together, we will take time to get to know each other. Knowing your preferences, will help me and will be useful to personalize your holiday. Once you have chosen one of the DESTINATIONS, I will send you a precise programme of the excursion and the price.

Most of my TRIPS take place in Spain and France. I’m also organizing tours in ICELAND and MORE DESTINATIONS.

We travel in small groups of friends or family, maximum eight participants. A smaller group means more time for intimacy, contact, privacy and independence.

During your stay we will REST & SLEEP in rented private properties or hotels. Both of these I’m choosing carefully to provide you with charming and comfortable accommodation in original scenery. On some of the trips I would suggest staying in private properties, as it is easier to turn them into our holiday home. But on some other tours we will stay in hotels, farm- guest houses, chalets etc.

The visits to new countries and regions offers different tastes and flavours. What we EAT & DRINK is a part of travelling and will help you to learn more about local traditions. I can provide you with full board holiday or if it’s possible you can choose a self catering option.

My trips are usually planned for two weeks, however if you wish I can make them longer or shorter. In the area where I live in North Catalunya, Spain and South-East France I also propose DAY TRIPS and SHORT BREAKS.

If you wish to hike for the majority of the time during your holiday, please check WALKING & HIKING, where you will find examples of foot trails I have selected for you. You can choose beetwen self guiding , my company on some paths or I can provide you with a professional local mountain guide. If you have ideas of any other trail you wish to explore, please let me know and I will work it out.

If you want to learn more and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME.